Busy Town for GIRLS

Busy Town, originally uploaded by Mee a Bee.

My goal was to buy more fabrics for BOYS. I just couldn't resist this PINK Richard Scarry-esque busy town print. Isn't it fabulous? Do boys like pink these days?? Might pass?


  1. oh I love it! I missed the fabric shop in namba.. my other sister in law told me she saw on but evidently i missed it.... booo.

  2. love this fabric!!! i am so jealous of you guys in Japan, with fabric like that at your finger tips. Sorry but boys still don't like pink!

  3. yeah I thought as much Wynona. My son secretly liked pink for a while but he wouldn't dare be seen out with pink!
    Next time Mimoo comes to Japan you should come!

  4. I like it, my son likes pink - but dad doesn't!
    He actually even said the other day, 'Oh mum is finally starting to dress you like a boy!'

    So maybe it might be pushing it a little..


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