Chatty Cafe and Procrastinating

This morning it's Chocolate Cake courtesy of Edmonds Cookbook for Chatty Cafe. All four of the Chatters are due for their fifth visit discount which they'll be pleased about (but me not so much!) I've printed some new Chatty Cafe postcard menus. I have half a dozen different teas on the menu! And four kinds of coffee.

I have vacuuming and cleaning to do and neither Little Guy nor I are not dressed yet. But I've been sidetracked by this lovely feature on Skout NZ about Mee a Bee scroll down to April 24th. Thank you Skout!

And I am working new care labels for Mee a Bee. I've been very slack and have not been telling people how to wash their lovely bags or even what they are made of, tsk tsk. I will print out a few later. But now I really must get on.

Mee a Bee
Handmade in Japan

Gentle machine wash or handwash in cold water.
Line Dry, medium iron if necessary.

Materials all made in Japan
Cotton linen, non-toxic inks
Cotton lining
Cotton flannel interfacing
Acrylic strap
Plastic buckles
Magic Tape fastener
Polyester thread


  1. The cake was great but the icing SUCKS. I am getting rid of this chocolate (ghiradhelli) It's just too strong and bitter for me and I am a chocoholic.

  2. I am not a ghiradhelli fan either, I used to live near the landmark but.... Belgian I love , have a question where did you get your cake stand?

  3. Hiya Girl, the cake stand is from NZ ... casa something, I saw one online the other day. My mum bought it for me.


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