Did you miss me?

We left home at the crack of dawn today - 8 o'clock! I had to go to the immigration office. I think I mentioned my visa is up for renewal. Quel surprise!! - the offices have moved and are now right around the corner from IKEA. It was too tempting.

Mr. Mee a Bee dropped us off. Biggie went to the kid's play area giving Little Guy and I an hour to shop. We didn't need anything of course but I did have a nice look around at the material. I bought a couple of meters of two different fabrics. I had great fun weighing and printing the bar code price sticker myself, as well as cutting it off the bolts. I was pleased to see it weighs lighter than what you've cut so you can afford to cut quite generously.

We caught the free shuttle bus back to the city so we could connect with our train. Little Guy screamed and cried because he couldn't run around on the bus. The driver actually told me to make him be quiet. He obviously doesn't have kids. I surprised myself by staying calm and eventually he did quieten down. Next time I go to Ikea I will take my own car. Mind you Little Guy did his Houdini trick and wriggled out of his car seat on the way in. This is why we can't go anywhere!

We finally got home just before three. Public transport, kids and the Big City are so exhausting.


  1. Public transport and kids anywhere is exhausting!! I think god invented cars to help mothers live longer.. ;-)

  2. yes! what are you driving these days Miss? i am still a wannabe beetle driver aka the march


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