Dinosaur Fun

Just finished a school bag for a friend of ours. It's Tyrannosaurus licensed fabric so is not for sale.

Biggie says it's COOOOOOL!


  1. omg!! my son sure would love that fabric!! it's too bad it's not for sale :O(
    do you know who it's by?

  2. It's cool isn't it? I found a tiny remnant, 30cm, that's why I had to make the bottom of the bag out of contrasting fabric.

    My husband just came home and he really likes it too.

    It's a much brighter green than in the picture.

    It's made by Kokka but as it is a Sanrio character fabric it is only for sale in Japan by licensed retailers, just like Hello Kitty.

    I might have a little left over that I could sneak through ;) but not really enough to make anything much.


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