Does this look like work to you?

When you are planning a party the place to go to is the wonderful 100 yen shop. Kid Cafe is tomorrow with the theme Fun with Food. Check out the paper goody bags. Everybody loves doughnuts right? Yes! doughnuts, British spelling! 10 bags for 100 yen.

And how do you like my ice cream balls? Taking a tip from professional caterers I attempted to scoop perfect balls which I have frozen on the tray to save time during the event. The tray by the way was 100 yen. I've had it for a while. Long spoons for perfect parfait pleasure 10 for 100 yen.

Each kid gets a printed workbook which I have just finished up. We'll spend half an hour constructing and demolishing the ice cream sundaes. We'll try to write or draw their personal recipes in their workbooks (could be high hopes). I'll send them home with a goody bag which Biggie helped me pack with a funky pencil and little notebook all from the ....? 100 yen shop!


  1. Thats a good idea about the ice cream and the goody bags. don't you just love the 100 yen shops? I could go in there and spend hours just looking at stuff. I also try not to take to much cash with


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