Drama at Mee a Bee HQ

The boys went to the library this morning as usual then came home about an hour later calling out that they had had an accident. Little Guy had blood dripping from his face from a fall on a rock that he was climbing. I cleaned it up but it was still bleeding and looked a little deep so they went to the emergency room. He needed four stitches! I wasn't too worried about it until he came home with a huge bandage taped onto his face. My baby! He's conked out from the shock of it now. I am in need of a cup of sweet tea.

Don't worry, it's a tiny cut, only about a centimeter long it's just that it was deep. He'll be fine and the scar will be minimal.


  1. Poor Little Guy. Hope you get in lots of hugs and kisses.

    PS. Chicks dig scars.

  2. kids and face scars and stitches... it takes a whole lot out of MOM!! are you O.k.????

    i know it's hard...the kids heal and the memories fade....

    are you ok???

  3. Oh no!! poor thing maybe a few extra treats are in order for him ( and you for that matter!)

  4. He's absolutely fine, thank you! The hard part will be stopping him from pulling at the stitches - they already feel itchy which is a good sign. He refuses to keep the bandage on. I am sure this will be one of many visits to the emergency room with him, he's just that kind of kid.
    We're all fine, thanks for your concern.

  5. Oh dear, poor little guy and poor Mummy.

    I am really glad to hear everyone is OK.


  6. I hope the little fella is Ok.


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