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There's nothing more eco-friendly than riding a bicycle, right? maybe walking? Today Little Guy and I had a million errands to run. We took our bike, made six stops and were out for two hours. Our errands included a visit to the pediatrician (for Little's cough), the post office, two banks, the stationery shop, the sewing supply shop, a coffee and juice pit-stop and a chat to the officers at City Hall. Little Guy loves sitting on the back of the bike, it's good exercise for me and saves so much time since we don't have to worry about finding a carpark, or driving the wrong way on one-way streets.

Japan is a very bike-friendly country and around where I live it is all flat. Even the elderly still ride their bicycles to the shops. Ours is outfitted with a huge front basket for the shopping and a rear-seat for Little Guy. It really is a fun thing to do on a sunny day though in rainy or cold weather I am so happy I have the option of using my car.

Pictured: bikes on linen - a new fabric I got the other day for boys.

Check out this fab Etsy shop: Bicycle Paintings

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  1. Oh, I have seen that bicycle-fabric! It's sooooo sweet - how do those Japanese folks do it?


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