Exercise gone by the wayside?

So I managed three days last week at the park ... Thursday I had to go out early but I did walk home from the train station ... Friday, Saturday and Sunday we had heavy rain ... yesterday I had the cafe. Excuses, excuses!

We did spend yesterday afternoon gardening. Today I feel as stiff as an eighty year old! Our azaleas are in bloom which is quite spectacular.

We have three bushes altogether. Two years ago I gave them a rather brutal haircut and sadly they did not bloom much last year. I'm so pleased they have sprung back to life. The one on the right is especially pretty as it has flowers in both light and dark pink. I am a sucker for huge show-off flowers and I think these qualify.

Tuesday is looking busy for us. This morning I am taking my friend to the shops as I have an invitation-only discount certificate from our favorite craft shop then we'll be heading to Biggie's school for the class observation. Have a lovely Spring Day! I will try to walk today and stay away from the leftover cake.


  1. Oooh, these look beautiful !
    I love azalea, they're such gorgeous flowers :)

    Have a good day !

  2. beautiful flower..


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