Fancy a cuppa?

A couple of weeks ago I was recounting a tale:

Years ago I was shopping with a friend of a friend in London, England. We happened upon an outlet store selling Royal Albert. My friend called her mum in New Zealand from a phone box on that busy London street to ask which pieces she needed to complete her set. We went back to the shop and bought it all very excitedly. It was still pretty expensive. Luckily it was wrapped really really well in bubble wrap as my friend passed it to me to hold and I dropped it! Right onto the footpath! Nothing broke but I will never forget how my stomach jumped into my throat.

I love tea cups and really enjoy getting my sets out for Chatty Cafe though most people pick coffee.

I found this in my magazine yesterday and am completely besotted with it. From Royal Dalton. To celebrate 100 Years of Royal Albert Teas they are offering two sets of five tea cups each of popular patterns from either 1900 - 1940 or 1950 - 1990 (pictured). No need to trawl antique fairs looking for the perfect mis-matched tea set. Gorgeous.

I do have an antique set that belonged to my great grandmother. I am too scared to use it so it's packed away on a top shelf in the cupboard. Perhaps when my kids grow up I will be able to get it out.


  1. I am totally lusting over the pink and Gold!!! Fab post.

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