Felt Felt and More Felt

I just love the feel of this felt, the workability and the colors. My friend asked me if there was possibly enough of the orange and robot combo to eek out a bag for her little boy. Lucky for her I managed to get one made that will be just the right size for him. It's pretty small compared to the ones I made for school aged kids at Christmas. It's cute and dinky.

Little Guy loves it which means a lot since he generally hates trying on the bags as you know. His word of the day is Mine, Mine, Mine. He used it to describe the toys at the doctor's office this morning, his drink this afternoon, this bag ...

I am finally feeling better. Today I have actually had the energy to get out my sewing machine. Even though I only had a cold I was really exhausted. I got some more medicine today so I expect to be 100% by Monday.

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  1. I love 'eeking out'.

    Hope you are feeling better soon...


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