A foray into PINK and FRILLY

Last night I happened upon a link to a free sewing pattern from Oliver+S. I've looked at this pattern several times, it looks so sweet and easy. Today I decided to make it! It's an elastic waist skirt with a unique ribbon detail hem.

I had a little free sample of Amy Butler fabric from the new Midwest Modern 2 line. It was too small for a cushion cover or a bag but the perfect size for this project. What's needed is a full width of fabric including both selvages (to eliminate the need to finish the raw edges). I had a skinny quarter - quarter yard - it looked about right for a skirt for my one year old niece.

The whole project took me less than an hour. I did all the steps including pinning and pressing - two things I can be lazy about. The only trouble I had was deciding how tightly to gather the waist. Being elastic I figure it will be easy enough for my sister to tighten it if necessary.

I didn't have any suitable ribbon so I finished the edge with dusky pink bobbin lace. I think it looks so sweet. I wish it were my size!


  1. This little skirt is so sweet !
    It looks so light and fresh.

  2. It is soooo sweet. I have recently been checking out this skirt, because I had the pattern recommended in my blog, and yours is awesome - that fabric is truly outstanding! Perfect for summer! :)

  3. thanks jacqui. how cute is the pattern packaging and blog?

  4. yes, the perfect summer skirt. I love the trim you've chosen.

  5. mimoo - so cute and you must try it for Little Mimoo definitely. so easy. You've made it Nerida?
    The trim is lace that my friend gave me, on sale somewhere. I've got heaps of it but that was the longest piece.


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