Glorious Day

Blogging from my mobile:
At the garden centre. Bonsai on sale and amazing.


  1. My father in law would love these. He is the hardest person in the world to buy for....actually no my mother in law is! Anyway these are great. I have never really taken an interest in Bonsai since my karate kid days in the 80's......mmmm the karate kid......but I have just been taking a little more interest of late and they are beautiful.
    I can see how people get obsessed and prune them for relaxation.
    Do you keep them?

    By the way I have linked you on my blog.
    I still haven't written in my notebook yet, it's too perfect! haha

  2. Thanks Kelly for the link, the comment and the compliment!

    This garden place is amazing.
    I've said it before VISITORS welcome!!

  3. Hey, you will be getting to Melbourne before I get to Japan!
    Maybe if I can stop my spending i will get there!

    No probs for the post. I needed a tissue the other day and i had your pretty ones on the table and I went to the cupboard and opened a new box (all while still breast feeding), just so I can keep your little pink ones in tact....LOSER!!

  4. I'll send you some more if you HAVE to use them!! You crack me up!

    OOOh Melbourne, I wish. I have chronic spending disorder too.


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