Handmade? Seller on Etsy or ArtFire

Are you a seller on Etsy or ArtFire? Have you heard of Handmadeology? Handmadeology, the science of handmade is the go-to place for marketing tips, selling tips and general business tips written specifically for artists and craftspeople selling their handmade wares online. It's the brainchild of Timothy Adams, a metal artist who creates edgy and cool jewelry. He's a successful seller in his own right but he's also a marketing genius when it comes to promoting online. AND he gives all of his expertise away for FREE! Twitter, blogs, Google Analytics, getting traffic, when to renew, he tells you how to do it all. This guy is amazing. I'm a subscriber to the weekly Handmadeology newsletter, a follower of the blog and a fan on Facebook. Oh and Twitter. His words are gold I tell you. Check out the Handmadeology blog as a starting place. There is a lot to take in if you are new to all this high-tech lingo. Then go from there. Trust me you won't regret it.

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