Happy Easter Bunny Day {2009}

Easter Bunny Day started much earlier than I wanted it to. My kids are early birds so they loved it. I'm just not sure if our neighbors will be happy about being woken up at half past six. At least it wasn't half past five like me.


  1. Happy Easter!

    Sorry I couldn't meet up with you today. You should have come and got some Hot Cross Buns! (I left the peel out for the kids).

    Definitely keeping that raincheck on hand.


  2. So cute!! My boys were early birds today too for their chocolate egg hunt, so I empathize with you. Happy Easter!

  3. Great photo of the boy's, like the witch too.


  4. Thanks guys! MaggieT also commented on Facebook about Biggie's jammies - on sale from Landsend last year for $14.00 with a fun Halloween design. He looks so skinny and tall in them we laugh everytime he puts them on.

    I was considering making hot cross buns too for a brief moment! I ended up having a sandwich from Hokuo that I ate on the train home!

  5. Egg-cellent! Yes, it was a 5.30am start for us too...

  6. Today that little kid was up at 5am calling out for his dad who was just leaving for work. Honestly I was having murderous thoughts then I had a sudden flashback to the first few days after we brought him home from the hospital after he was born. We were soooooo happy. I will try to get back to that place when things like early starts happen!


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