Happy Easter everyone!

It's Good Friday everywhere in the world except here where I live in Japan. Sob Sob! All week I've been receiving emails from people or reading on blogs about plans for the looooooooong weekend. It's business as usual for us. But we have some very good friends and family who have sent us little treats for the Easter Bunny to leave on Sunday, thank you!

We do have plans for the weekend just not all Easter related ones:

Good Friday - Chatty Cafe with carrot cake. I made it last night then forgot to take it out of the cake tin. It sat sweating on the bench for two hours. I just hope it's not too soggy.

Later on today Little Guy and I will be baking Easter cookies. We have some new Easter cookie cutters from someone special.

Saturday - Kid Cafe - a follow on from the popular Kiddie Cafe which was for pre-schoolers. This one is for Grades 1 - 4. The theme is food and part of the plan includes making icecream sundaes. That's the great thing about working from home - I can give the children food! So far the plans are vague so we'll be working on that as soon as Biggie gets back from school to help.

Easter Sunday - the great egg hunt in our garden for Biggie and Little Guy. Followed by a day out for me. I'm hoping to meet Mimoo and go shopping for material. She's in Japan this week on holiday and I am so happy it's been splendid weather the whole time. Let's hope it holds the rest of the week.

Enjoy your weekend! Take a minute to enter my contest if you haven't already done so. Details on the Facebook page for Mee a Bee.


  1. I hope you all have a great weekend. I will be showing off my Meeabee backpack this weekend.

  2. Have fun with mimoo Have a happy easter too !!


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