It's nearly the weekend

Another book I am very keen to see is Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross. There has been a lot of blog buzz about this book. Click the links above for a preview of the book and a look at the Heather Ross blog. And if you can download PDF files here is a free pattern for some gardening gloves. My gardening gloves have a hole in them ...

I posted about Heather Ross' fabric line Mendocino a couple of weeks ago, I confess to getting some in pink (it was on sale). Mr. Mee a Bee is a fish man. He's been keeping tropical fish since he was a teenager. I was a water rat as a kid and still love to swim and love the ocean. This fabric is perfect for us. Mr. loves the mermaids (ackk men!) Hopefully one day, before next winter, we will have a new duvet cover with delightful scenes from the deep sea on.

There are so many beautiful craft books available these days. They are almost like coffee table books which you can spend hours looking at and maybe never actually put to use. Don't you agree? I think we have Melanie Falick to thank for this trend.


  1. Thank you for the link to Heather Ross, looks like a handy sewing book to have. Hope you are feelong better.

  2. Sorry! the cat walked accross the keyboard before I could edit.She was after my breakfast cornflakes.

    Hope you are feeling better today.


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