Today is my Japanniversary! 13 years in Japan today, April 29th! It seems like muuuuuuch longer since I have done so much in these years: had a semi-successful career, gotten married, had two kids, moved five times, bought two houses - one designed and built by us (pictured from the side), started a business ...

I still miss home and wish they would invent super-duper fast and painless traveling. But I am thankful for cheaper international calling, Skype and Facebook for keeping in touch.

I still have two Weetbix for breakfast everyday and if I have toast my spread of choice is Marmite. I still say "Fush and Chups" and I will die if I ever lose my kiwi accent. My kids have inherited my "kiwi ingenuity" I hope. I'm a jack-of-all-trades (and master of none?) like most kiwis. I'm laid-back and friendly, another kiwi trait I think. I am a kiwi girl through and through.

Today I bought a Feijoa tree (my fella at the garden centre rocks! he came at 4.30pm to plant it in). Feijoa are a kiwi garden favourite (yes, I still prefer to spell with the 'u'). Hopefully ours will bear fruit in September or October.

Happy anniversary to me!


  1. Congratulations Jacqui! I like your tree.

  2. Thanks mimoo! It's actually 3 trees - two are Aussie cultivars and one NZ one! Let's hope it's a match made in heaven!

  3. Wow 13 years - congratulations! Hope the feijoa tree thrives - I love feijoa!!

  4. My father is the only person I have ever heard of that knows about the feijoa tree, now I know two people. Happy anniversary !

  5. 13 years! That is a good stint, you have accomplished a lot! Are you ever returning to NZ?

  6. Feijoa's are real big here at present, the little boys and I have found a feijoa hedge next to the footpath, not far from their place which we can pick up all we can eat, big excitement, specially when I have to do all the collecting from under the bushes, Kai loves them.


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