Karate Kid

Karate Kid, originally uploaded by Mee a Bee.

Biggie has been to karate twice so far - he's hooked! His uniform/suit thingo arrived on Saturday. His dad was so excited. He helped him put it on. Next time I will have to do it ... we would have to choose something totally foreign to me wouldn't we. Swimming, I know. Karate, I know not. Hopefully the sensei will realize the poor kid has a clueless mum and not mind if he arrives dressed for a toga party.

It occurred to me last week how Japanese this kid is. Fair enough we live in Japan. He is Japanese. But nothing says that more than his choices of extra-curricular activities: Japanese calligraphy and karate. I better look into rugby or cricket for him before we go to New Zealand next otherwise he'll have nothing to talk to Grandad about.


  1. He looks SO cute in his uniform. I mean, obviously a cute karate killing machine :-)

  2. So Biggie is a white belt? There are heaps of different colour belts you get before you become a black belt aren't there? I bet little guy will be keen to do karate later when he's old enough since he is so full of beans. I think Em will probably want to do dancing or singing.

  3. Biggie looks very professional, I am looking forward to talking to him, maybe about golf or fishing?

  4. Hi!
    Just connected with you on Mums on Top ... Your little man is gorgeous! Karate Kids ... Move over!!
    Liza xo


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