Lego Day

Today it's raining and kind of cold, very gloomy. Biggie asked me in a serious tone if I had any plans for today then invited me to a Lego Party Day. He made a sign for his bedroom door and invited both me and Little Guy to come and play.

We have thousands of pieces which make up several of the larger sets. They're all jumbled into several boxes, remember I got those last year in an effort to get organized? Once again my assignment is to locate all the parts for the chief engineer. The little assistant is having a great time finding all the men "Oh daddy!" "Here he is! Daddy" "Daddy's home!". They are all daddy so he's happy.

We've just pulled over for a pit stop then we'll be back into it.


  1. Lego days are always fun. but unfortunately I don't think it's much fun when that lego box explodes and the floor becomes a wall to wall lego carpet. lol hope you all had a great time.

  2. My Mum still has our lego collection. She has it in an old suitcase that is probably a collectors item now.

  3. This brings back great memories of when my three boys were small. We would build a huge lego and mega blocks city in the center of their bedroom, then play with it for hours. We'd leave it standing, and next morning, I could hear them in there, playing up a storm! Such fun!


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