What's happening Wednesday?

The school holidays continue. We've been really lucky with the weather, it's getting warmer each day. But it's still cool enough for Little Guy to wear his new jumper - it was knitted for him by my auntie. Thanks Bea, as you can see he loves it. I come from a crafty family by the way, knitting and sewing are our specialties.

We've been staying close to home these holidays since I have not been feeling very well - spring cold or hayfever, I'm not sure. I have canceled tomorrow's Chatty Cafe since I have a very sore eye (again) which is really unsightly (no pun intended) and I have an annoying cough.

Still planning Chatty Cafe it looked like it would be Banana Cake but when I went to get the recipe I found one for a Banana Loaf that looked easy. It was in a photocopied recipe book (a fund raiser at my friend's preschool, thanks Julie).
That will be our lunch!


  1. Hey, I hope you are all right.

    Did we drain your resources?

  2. Hope you start to feel better soon, especially with it being school holidays.

  3. Thanks! I am on antibiotics :( My mum insisted that I see a doctor since I keep getting sick all the time. I HATE going to the doctor but it was very very easy today. I will feel better soon!

  4. Hope you are feeling better today. There always seem to be bugs about when the seasons change.

  5. hope you feeling better soon! :)


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