A plus-size model

You know I said the other day that there would not be any pictures of me in my new bathing suit? Well I am standing by that but I thought I'd show you my new outfit. Straight out of the box and onto me and everything fits perfectly - the shoes, the trousers, and the top! Normally pants are too long since I have short legs and tops are too short since I have a long body (nobody's perfect). But that's not the case this time. I am so pleased!!

I'm looking rather plus-sized and I'm not loving the color or style of my hair but c'est la vie! At least I look like I am making an effort with my appearance.

Thank you Land's End. Oh and the swim suit is absolutely gorgeous. I cannot wait for swimming season.


  1. fantastic and great photo. :)

    after reading your post about lands end, i ended up going to their site and buying some things for myself. lol ;)

    not so sure about american sizing so i hope they fit.

  2. Looks pretty good to me, lovely photo Mrs M

  3. Great outfit!! :-) I love it when clothes fit right out of the box. I have the opposite problem to you- I have long legs and a short body so alot of stuff is either too short or too long.

  4. Looking sharp there my dear!

  5. I think you look fantastic! I love that top. I can't wear things like that...sigh....


  6. I have to say I don't see you as being "plus size", but the top looks fabulous, is this Lands End (US)?

    I've been buying clothes from http://www.anthropologie.com, (dresses) and they have some fab materials (prints) as well.

  7. Does anthropologie ship to japan??? high tailing it over there to check!

    thanks! I'm not really plus sized I am just large ...and difficult proportions, we all feel that way though don't we?

  8. Hi there! No, they don't ship here but I use a forwarding service, I shop at various shops and then ship all at once..

    I am in love with their "headbands" and "dresses", they have a nice selection, good quality as well, their bedding is really lovely.

  9. I had a look so I thought that's what you must be doing. It's a lovely shop and I see references to it all the time on the net. I'd love to check it out one day.


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