Out and about: Ed Emberley

Have you heard of Ed Emberley? I hadn't until I started reading Japanese mail order catalogs. Apparently he's a children's book author. He seems to be pretty popular here in Japan.

I spotted these cuties at my local craft shop last week. It's the start of a new school year this week. I wonder how many children will have the Ed Emberley theme on their aprons and bags? There sure is a lot of cool stuff in the range. Above- the fabrics and below the iron-on name tags.

Biggie of course will have the navy blue shinkansen train fabric bags. He starts school on Wednesday. That's when we will find out who his new teacher is and whether any of his friends are in the same class.

He's also starting karate on Wednesday afternoon. He was really excited about it but tonight he told me he's not excited anymore he's "got stage fright". Little sweetie, he's got the right idea about stage fright and nerves!

These pictures were taken at Pandora House in Rinku.


  1. what kind of karate is he doing...?

    my husband coaches karate at school and kazu did karate for a few years....

  2. Just at the local gym, not affiliated with any kind of karate, kind of a try to see if he likes it. I hope he does, channel his energy!


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