Phew! One down a hundred to go ...

After a week (on and off) these things they are finally done! I am a very impatient person generally and this applies to sewing. I am always busting to move onto the next project. I have dozens of things half cut out or planned mentally so I am always pleased when one more thing is put to bed.

Here you can see I've finished the autumn scarf and the market apron. I am pretty proud of both of these things.

The scarf has tasseled ends. I had to pull out the horizontal threads (warp or weft?) one at a time to create the tassels. I was able to do it last Friday while I was watching the boys play outside. Then I bunched up the strands and tied them off. I love how it's come out. It was a tight squeeze getting all four things made from the one piece of fabric. In the case of the scarf I realized I'd need a join and I thought the natural linen made a nice contrast and was of a similar weight.

I also made the apron out of the same linen. Only the pocket and ties are made of the Japanese fabric. It's absolutely gorgeous. Makes me want to do a craft fair. In fact cafe aprons were the first things I made from the cute fabrics, for Biggie's school fair. I love sewing them.

If you're a fan of natural linen you really should check out my friend Eva's shop, Apple and Eve. Mee a Bee is the exclusive supplier of the Japanese linen that is used to make these exquisite hand embroidered ornaments. I have several and they are just so amazing all my other friends are probably tired of me going on about them!

Little Guy is at the hospital having those stitches out (with his dad and bro) then we are going out for dinner. What do people in Japan consider their "takeout"? Sushi of course - revolving sushi, just a dollar a plate!


  1. Hello again!

    Yes, there's no place quite like home and I'm already doing a bit of whining but it is good to be reunited with Etsy properly again. With my spotty internet access I missed everyone!

    Thanks for your thoughts on the print - I have had a couple of cowboy images floating around for a while but I haven't quite finished them. I think for us from downunder the cowboy concept is quite unique and interesting, maybe not so much for North Americans. Certainly our version of a cowboy - gum boots, beer belly and swandri - is not quite as alluring!

    Happy spring!

  2. I meant also to say how great your shop is looking - I like the new banner! Your photographs are looking really good and your items as cute as ever.

  3. love your apron.

    nothing beats wearing a fab apron.

    i am also a huge linen lover. found some nice linen the other day but i am keeping it all to myself. lol

    the dot linen line is also fantastic. love it but it is a little expensive.


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