Saturday Bicycle Ride

We were pretty exhausted after the morning event. The boys had naps and quiet time, I may have closed my eyes for a second.

We needed a bike ride to reinvigorate us. The latest Couturier catalog came out yesterday. Even though I've never bought anything from them it's still my favorite magazine/catalog so I actually mark my calendar with the date. I think it must be very popular as we went to three convenience stores before finally finding it at the video/DVD/book shop.

We had a most excellent bike ride. Biggie rides like a cautious granny which is good in a way. I love riding up behind him and ringing my bell or accidentally crashing into his back tyre when we stop at lights. He cannot stand that! hehehe


  1. There's something about Japanese design that always seems to intrigue me - it goes for this catalogue as well. I'm curious though - what does it contain that makes its arrival date worth marking in your calendar? I want one! ;) Oh, and thank you so much for your sweet comment after Frida's surgery - it means a lot!

  2. I'll get you one next time Astrid. It's just so cute because the kits and crafts are so well put together that you absolutely want to make every single thing.

    I saw your pics yesterday of the girls outside - so glad Frida is recovering quickly.


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