Sewing! Finally!

As I was sick last week I was very very tired. I know I didn't miss a day of blogging but I did not open my sewing machine the whole week! On Sunday I started this bag. It's for my lovely friend who made my delicious Easter cake.

She sent me the fabric and some very detailed sketches as to what she was hoping for. I'll admit it was a bit trickier than anticipated. Always the way! I am pleased with the outcome though.

There was quite a lot of material so she asked for some extra things as well. A little shoulder bag, an autumn scarf and a market apron.

The little shoulder bag is really lovely. I've lined it with 100% linen making it reversible. I think she will love it. It's a handy size and really comfortable.

I am ashamed to say that I do not know anything much about this fabric. Obviously it's traditional Japanese fabric. It might be hand woven and hand dyed or stenciled. I really must ask my friend. Help! Jan, do you know?

It reminds me of the fabrics I saw years ago when I was in Okinawa. Indigo-dyed linen/hemp and cotton. You can read more about traditional Japanese fabrics here: NaraBlog and Kimono Boy has some beautiful antique fabrics the appear similar to me.


  1. Love the bag!! The color is great.

  2. Wow, it looks great. you are very clever. I like the order they gave you of coordinates!

    I hope you feel better. Good friday is over now so you don't have to feel like you missed out!

  3. And I do still get some very nice comments when I use items from this `set`! Thanks again!


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