Shopping Online with Boys

I've got two boys and one husband. Lucky me I live in a house full of boys. This morning while we were sitting outside having our coffee and crackers I told them I was thinking about getting some new togs this year. (Togs = swimsuit). Immediately Mr. Mee a Bee piped up with "Just don't get black". Biggie asked why and he responded with "Black is so boring". I always thought black was slimming ... but I have had the same boring black maillot for about eleven years. I don't think it is ever going to wear out but I am sick of it too!

I had a mail order catalog to flip through with them. Clearly they are not afraid of color. They chose bright florals in pinks, plums and reds. Although Biggie also liked teals and oranges. In the end I narrowed it down to the style and had Mr Mee a Bee make the final pattern choice. Biggie chose the same one so I think it's a winner!

As I wandered off to order Mr. Mee a Bee called out "Just don't get the black one or any of those plain ones!" They are pretty adamant about me needing a bit of fun in my swim wear! I'll be ordering later as soon I have worked out the size.

And no, there will not be pictures once it arrives!

I'm shopping with 30% off from Lands'End. I have a coupon code to share with friends until Monday if you are interested.


  1. Hello again-
    I had to respond to this. Since children I've had the black swimsuits (slimming, right?). But, last year before our beach vacation I got a Land's End in red with white dots. I love it! My girl's say I look like a mushroom. Since then, the last 3 pairs of shoes I have bought are red too (one with white spots!) I used to have all black everything, but now I can't see myself in a black suit again.

  2. Thanks! Your comment really made me smile.

    I did kind of get a black one but it's printed with giant pink peonies - Grecian it's called.

    And I ordered shoes too ... but white sneakers. Red polka dots next time!

  3. This is so cool that your family are so into your purchases! I loved looking at the website.

    This year I went for a stylish pair of black speedos with pink inserts and white piping. Try as I may, I can't let go of black. All I wear at work is black and red. (Then I don't also have to think about what I'm going to wear!)


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