Easter is over

How is your Easter going? It's all over for us although we still have a lot of chocolate left. That's always a good thing.

I spent most of yesterday at ABC Craft store. That's the biggest craft and fabric store in Osaka. Five floors of crafting heaven. I met Mimoo and her sister-in-law - two fantastic girls. With a shared love of sewing and fabrics I felt like we'd known each other for years. Time ran out all too soon and they had to leave but I stayed for another two hours. I finally had to come home when my feet could not stand it anymore. My credit card took a beating too so it was just as well I left when I did. Keep a look out for new gorgeous baby goods direct from Japan in Mimoo's shop. As for Mee a Bee there may be some new cutes on the way but mainly I had to stock up on boring stuff like strapping and drawstring cord.

My boys spent their Easter out with their dad at the local zoo and theme park. We're big fans of the movie Madagascar so rather than tell me what animals they saw they told me who they'd seen: Alex the Lion, Melman, Marty, the penguins, but no Gloria. They were home when I got back full of stories of McDonalds for lunch and all covered in chocolate ice cream. They'd had a great day too.

The week is quickly filling up but for now I had better get my laundry started and finish breakfast. Little Guy slept in today so we are running behind schedule. Enjoy your last day of holidays!


  1. It sounds like you had a fun time !

    You describing the ABC craft store had me drooling just a bit :) I'll be sure to check it next time I come to Osaka. If it's anything like Yuzawaya, I'll probably be there a whole day (just writing this, I'm pretty sure my heart rate is raising)

    Have a nice day !

  2. Hello - I am desperately trying to find some fabric stores in Osaka for a friend who is travelling there in a few days time - can you tell me where the ABC store is and any other recommendations for good quilting fabric?


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