Tuesday = Day 2?

On a roll we were up early and down at the park again this morning. Today we managed two laps which was an accomplishment for Little Guy. He normally walks a few paces then stops dead, turns around and looks beseechingly at me saying "cuddle, cuddle" which means pick me up!

It doesn't take long before you are a regular down at the park. At 8 am the only people about are the elderly. Today a lot of people greeted us and nobody minded Little Guy manhandling their dogs.

We got our walk and play done before the rain set in. Good. We had a day of rain last week - it only took two hours for cabin fever to attack. I seriously considered making Lil' G play outside despite the rain.

Would you like to learn my #1 parenting tip? Tune them out.

My kids are very raucous in the late afternoon. Are yours? It drives me nuts and I really feel my blood pressure rising. A while ago I had had enough so I jumped online and bought an iPod shuffle. It has been the best investment ever. While I am making dinner I ask my kids to play quietly (or watch TV - dirty little secret) but they can't seem to do this without making a huge racket. When it starts to get to me I put on my iPod, as loud as I have to in order to block out their noise (I can still see them since our living area is open-plan). They know I am not going to settle any squabbles or participate in their arguments so they don't even bother trying to include me. Pretty soon they work it out and can actually use the time constructively.


  1. I bought an iPod shuffle back at the end of January. It has saved my life, and in some ways my marriage. DH calls it my "escape pod."

    Years from now my kids will complain to some goofy therapist how their mother ignored them to listen to her iPod, but at least they will live to tell the tale which they might not have done if I hadn't invested in my own sanity with a tiny little musical gizmo, yk?

    PS. The iTunes store is addictive. I think I need a 12 step program to break my habit. My poor credit card is groaning.

  2. escape pod yes. the noise of family life is just too much sometimes.

    I got itunes cards for xmas but actually I haven't really used it. I just listen to one cd that I uploaded OVER and OVER again :)


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