What's new Mee a Bee?

Earlier this week I updated the shop with a few of my new-for-Spring messenger bags. These ones are particularly sweet.

Starting with the fabric. It's linen and cotton printed with delicate apples and tiny ladybirds (you might say ladybugs but doesn't ladybird sound nicer?). The actual bag is linen rich cotton. Divine.

Overall the bag has a yellow feel to it so I lined each one with lemon yellow French Dot cotton on white.

The final touch are the lemon yellow strap buckles. I was so excited to find packs of buckles for making exactly this type of bag. They are made by Clover but I had never seen them before. Normally I have to go to three different shops to get the right size and color, to get them to match.

I have three of these pretty bags in stock, buy retail sale or buy all four at a reduced price to sell in your own boutique. Contact me for wholesale terms. 2010 - somehow I still have these, not listed!!


  1. beautiful bag ;)

    i have the same material but in different colours and it just fantastic.

    keep up the great work

    karen sato

  2. Thanks Karen. What colour do you have?

  3. no worries.

    i have the same material with lavender and sky blue apples.

    i really love this material and like what you have done with it.

    have a nice day :)



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