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More friends doing great things! Lisa, the creator of Sweetbeets has just added a print-your-own party set to her shop.

I LOVE it! You can tell Lisa is the mother of boys - her shop is filled with great boy-ish stuff.

Biggie is a space fan. His whole room is decorated in the theme. He has space decals on his wardrobe and walls, a solar system mobile and a few tin-can rockets that we made ourselves.

For just $8.00 you can purchase this Space Birthday Party stationery set as a PDF file then customize it at home before printing out as many copies as you need. It's simple and stylish and a big timesaver for crafty mums who like to go the whole hog (yes, that's me and I know a few others as well!)

The PDF includes 3 files:
:: space party invitation with *fillable form fields* so you can add your own text before printing
:: thank you note
:: sheet with rocketships for party activity, favor tags or cupcake topper

Way to go Sweetbeets! We have a birthday coming up in our family...
For more gorgeous eco-friendly letterpress cards visit Sweetbeets online.


  1. What a FABULOUS idea! I love it. And the spaceship is SOOO cute...

  2. Blast off! These are gorgeous....I think I might even invite my favourite astro-pals for my own birthday with these. x

  3. Aren't they great!

    Rosie I would definitely go for a space themed cocktail party: http://www.barnonedrinks.com/drinks/a/apollo-13-231.html

  4. Thanks you Jacqui for all of your kind words! You are the first person to blog about my new print at home designs and I appreciate your support so very much. What a lovely surprise to wake up to this morning!


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