An afternoon stroll - new bag design

The other day I was looking at some kids' room decors and spotted a really cute little bag hanging from the wardrobe door handle. It had bamboo handles and was a bright floral. I forget where I saw it but it inspired me to make this bag.

My store didn't have any small bamboo handles but I loved these clear plastic ones. The dog walking "Afternoon Stroll" fabric is just so cute. I thought it would be perfect in this style. I've lined this bag with a soft beige polka dot cotton. It's sized for little girls although it is roomy since it has a large flat bottom.

One side features a little dachshund and the other shows a lovely brown poodle. It reminds me of Central Park or city dwelling pooches.

It's in my store: Mee a Bee

I'm home alone this evening - a rare occurrence. I have taken over the whole dining room table.

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