Australia here we come!

I'm very excited to be talking about Mee a Bee's Australian debut. In July this year Mee a Bee will be participating in Mathilda's Market in Sydney, Australia. This is huge as Mee a Bee has only been seen by a select few friends and customers in Oz.

I can't attend the market personally but the wonderful and generous Katharine of Alfalfa has agreed to co-host a stand with me and run it on my behalf. She'll be assisted by my auntie. Isn't that great?

This morning Little Guy and I picked up a few things at the 100 yen shop that might be used to decorate our corner at the market. Pictured here are some of Alfalfa's cool crafts - a plastic covered purse - a bit battered since I use it everyday as a coin purse - and a cute locket necklace with fabric inside.

We got fabric to cover the table, hooks which might be used for hanging necklaces, boxes to elevate parts of the display and I couldn't resist a little bento lunchbox. We want our stand to scream CUTE from JAPAN. I trust Katharine and Shayne to create an amazing feast for the eyes that will have our customers squealing with delight and hopefully buying our delightful offerings.

I'll be spending every waking hour preparing for this over the next few weeks. There's a lot to do. I'm really excited about it though!


  1. wow wee as little mimoo would say!

    Mathilda's market are great Jacqui! I did one in brisbane last november and it was lovely. It really captures people who want something unique and different and usually are prepared to pay for it, as it weeds out the people looking for a bargin!!
    all I can say is get some of the babuska russian doll fabric if you can as australians are craaaazy about the dolls! plus your little nesting bags with the doll patch on them will no doubt be popular! oh and send lost of cards with your website and blog on them as i got quite a bit if business after the market day form people that had made up their minds. sorry long post but got to cover the basics..:-)

  2. Thanks Mimoo - all great tips and words of encouragement! thank you

  3. Congratulations. That's very exciting. I'm sure your creations will be very well received here in Oz. Good luck !!

  4. Great news and Congratulations.Maybe next time you will be able to attend in person:)

  5. That sounds really cool Jac! Well done. Is it a one day or weekend event? Is it not an every weekend market? I'm sure you will sell heaps of stuff since your stuff is so cool. Have you got much stuff already made or do you need to make alot more? That mini runner that you made Emily is really cute and maybe you can make a few of those little skirts. Fits just right for a one and half year old.

  6. Stopping by from SKOUT to follow and say hi! Love your site, Congrats on the market :)

  7. Thanks everyone!

    I have a lot to sew but it's quite good sewing in bulk rather than sewing one thing at a time. I am enjoying it.

    Sal I am glad Em likes her skirt! I can't sew that to sell since I used a pattern from Oliver+S.

    Table runners might be good ...


  8. Mee a Bee, I am so excited for you. I hope all goes well and you get the sewing done on time. I agree with mimoo send lots of cards with your website and blog. Congratulations...
    Please keep us posted on your progress and preps your the event. You go girl!

  9. I agree Babuska all the way in fact I will buy it all XX

  10. Shayne you might get a staff discount!!


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