Biggie's Homework Assignment

lego, originally uploaded by Mee a Bee.

Not sure which is the homework - to make something, to photograph something or to write a story about the something. I suspect it's to write a story about 'what I did during the holidays'.

Still raining ...


  1. LOL - whatever the assignment, I love the end result! :) So did you know that Lego is Danish? :)

  2. I did Astrid! as you can see we're big fans of your country and its products.

    I had a Danish penpal when I was a young teen.

    I'd love to visit one day ... you never know I might get there since I have family in Norway - not so far from you!

  3. That is so funny - I used to have a Japanese penpal. I took classes on porcelain painting, and my teacher was Japanese, so she hooked me up with a Japanese girl my own age names Chieko. I had quite a thing about Japan - wrote a big assignment on the country as well. :) Do stop by if you're in the neighbourhood! ;)


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