Bloggiversary - Two years

I missed it!! My bloggiversary. It was on the 19th. Two years of Blooming in Nihon! (Or Blooming in Japan for the overseas visitors).

Thanks for sticking with me or coming on board. I love blogging so much.

This picture sums it up. By Jennifer Ramos and available in her store here.

Join me in a celebratory drink. Cheers! Here's to blogging!

Read my first post here.


  1. Yay! I Love your Blog..... Congrats! :D

  2. OMG. That sign is ME! Blogs and tea! (and Japan and France and sweets and bubbles and paper and vintage and snuggles and...)

    Congrats on your bloggiversary! I expect to see this word in the Macquarie dictionary real soon - love it!

  3. Congratulation on your 2 years anniversary!Your blog is very inspiring and I can relate so much to your first post...seeing how you bloom is giving me hope and I am sure others too :)
    Chin Chin!

  4. woo hoo, congrats!!

    I enjoy your posts, wish I can meet you face to face for a coffee.

  5. congratulations jacqui! How exciting to see how far you have come. ps love the new pink messenger bags too cute

  6. Congrats on your 2 yrs!
    Great sign, LOVE tea & blogs :)

  7. just read your 1st entry..WOW, so much in common! sounds like me..only in Melbourne :) and pretty much at the start of your journey 2 yrs ago!
    I wish I can look back in 2 yrs & hopefully have accomplished something a little more fulfilling for myself.
    enjoy reading your adventures.

  8. Congratulations on Two years!! Your blog is brilliant and you are an inspiration. You have been an invaluable help to me..when ever I need a question answered you are the first person I think of and you are so willing to share what you know !! THANK YOU..Hope to meet you for REAL one day. Kim xxx

  9. Here's to you and your blog !!
    Congratulations four your two years Bloggiversary !
    Thanks for all the inspiration, the friendly tone, the real life tips, I enjoy your posts very (verrrry) much.

    Have a good day !

  10. Thanks so much everyone. Your comments are so wonderful. I feel a bit teary that so many people like my blog and find me an inspiration. Thanks ♥

    Let me assure you though it's mainly smoke and mirrors. I'm not the perfect mum/business person/woman I come across as!

  11. Congratulations Jacqui! I simply don't know what I'd do without you. I really enjoyed reading your first blog post :)


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