Boys Love to cook

My wonderful friend, crafty pal, babysitter and surrogate mum to Little Guy brought him this fantastic present today. She told me a while ago that he loves their pretend kitchen but she was planning to get rid of it. I told her I would take it off her hands. To be honest I was expecting a pink Hello Kitty monstrosity or something girly like this. Instead it's cool orange and green. It even matches Little Guy's t shirt! Both of my boys love pretend cooking and real cooking. I am raising them to be sensitive new-age guys.

Biggie had a lovely homemade cardboard kitchen when he was little. I was full of energy back then.

If you're looking for super cute aprons for children then check out my friend Anastasia's company, Mini Whisk. It's based in Australia. Tons of cute designs for indoor and outdoor play for boys (and girls).


  1. Who doesn't love cooking:) So lovely aprons indeed.

  2. Now that is a one cool kitchen! And love Little Guys T-shirt:)


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