Family Life is Fun

My kids are back. They had a great time. The best thing is that Little Guy was not too bad - nothing got broken or wrecked, he slept OK, ate well and he told me he had lots of cuddles with Babu (his grandmother). I think this means they will be able to go more often!! Don't you?

I was happy to see them. I had until 4 o clock to get everything done. I didn't sew as much as I had hoped but I still got a lot accomplished. They sent me a text message when they were half an hour out which meant I had time to finish off, vacuum and straighten everything up. It's pretty hard to manage once they are all underfoot.

Did I mention that we are on holiday this week? It's Golden Week: a string of three public holidays in a row, plus this year the added bonus of the weekend occurring at the start. So far we haven't done anything much as a family but we still have two days left. We're planning to get stuck into the garden tomorrow. I found a mosquito inside last night already. Mozzies are a big deterrent to playing or working outside in summertime here in Japan.

Apart from gardening and tidying up our yard we don't have any plans. It's just nice not to have anywhere to rush to actually.

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