Fan of treasuries?

Those of you who are familiar with the front page of will know that most often the images are taken from Etsy Treasury. The treasury is a set of items chosen by a seller according to a theme, a color scheme, personal favorites or friends in a team.

It's devilishly hard to get a treasury since there are only a limited number of spots available. I have sat waiting for it to open only to have it flick over while I wasn't looking and miss out. It's really hard to time it right.

The clever folks at Craftopolis have created the Treasure Clock. It counts down so you know when to have your mouse ready to pounce. COOL!! and thank you Craftopolis!

It's very exciting being on the front page since there are over 170,000 individual shops on Etsy and thousands more products that could be chosen.

If you're interested in statistics take a look at Etsy's latest here.


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