Fonts and Typefaces

Do you remember back in the old days, when computers first came out, there was only one style of writing. It was determined by the old dot matrix printers. What was it called? I forget.

Now there are thousands of fonts available each conveying a different message or mood. I've been looking at fonts for Mee a Bee, to give to my designer. I spent quite a bit of time on yesterday. Pages and pages of cool fonts.

Mee a Bee is cute, for kids and quite whimsical. This is what I want to convey with my logo and banner headings. I quite like this one called ice cream soda.



There are lots more that I like here: learning to write: Mee a Bee

Would you like to help me by suggesting some cute and catchy one liners to go underneath? I've used "All that's cute from Japan" for the past year or so but I'd really like to say that Mee a Bee is for kids, it's cute, unique, handmade, bags, for boys and girls ... how can I say all this and make it stick in people's minds. How would you describe Mee a Bee?


  1. Dafont is so addicting... I could spend waaaay to much time there! Like the one you chose.. it's cute!

  2. "Lively bags for little people"

    or just thought of this one "Lively bags for little toe-rags"...haha

    You know when you were asking about outside toys, did someone suggest the ball on the pole, where two people hit the ball on a string. I played it with Carina and it was really fun.

  3. Thanks you guys!

    toe-rags!! do you think that'll sell? hehehe

  4. Another hard one...I would say...
    Mee a bee, Cute and made for Kids!

    Have fun! :)


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