Friday Night Adventure

Good morning! At last the sun has come out. Of course I am scaling Mt Everest in my laundry!

Last night my kids were driving me a bit crazy with their quarreling in the garden over who would ride the bike, who would ride the scooter, who would climb the tree. The little one can't wait his turn and is a bit violent in his requests.

So after dinner I packed them up and we went to the shops. I bought myself a Mother's Day present, the whole range from L'Oreal for my face. My skin has been awful since I've been using body soap on it.

We happened to pass the fabric department. Imagine my delight when I found that new penguin fabric on sale! I needed some more anyway so I was really happy. Of course I didn't stop there, single-handedly recession busting.

We ended the evening with an icecream. As we got out of the car I noticed Biggie stuffing something into his pocket suspiciously. I asked him what he had and he shyly said that he had brought his wallet to buy us an icecream. Isn't he a sweetie? We both chose choco-mint, Little Guy is chocolate all the way.

It was a really nice evening and for once I wasn't worried that the Little one was still awake at 9.30pm!

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  1. Gee we have alot in common. I can't find any good skin care (at the supermarket!) so my skin is bad. Em loves icecream and her grandad is always stuffing it into her and she is quite often still up at 9.30 when she has had a failed going to bed session!


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