Friday TGI Friday

Not having the best day so far so I will check in later. Toy suggestions anyone???


  1. This is going to sound a bit kooky but a bike without pedals is our big thing at the moment - actually it's a big thing in our neighbourhood too! There are really classy ones like likeabike
    but there are other less expensive versions that are pretty cool too. The kids get the hang of balancing on them quickly and scoot all over the place. Because they learn how to balance early the transition to a bike with pedals later is so much smoother.

    Sounds like you really had an awful day. Glad to hear everyone is okay!

  2. I also bought some of these the other day for my guy and a friend - I think they will be lots of fun ouside... where there is plenty of space!

  3. I've been looking at plasma bikes (?) that work by gravity, they are really cool.


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