Gift Ideas for dad - handpicked by Etsy Admin

Thanks Belinda for the heads up! I am thrilled to have been featured on the front page of Etsy earlier today. The Mee a Bee Men's Tote bag was chosen as part of a gift guide for dads and Father's Day.

This really is a great gift for dad - I know since I made one for my own dad for Christmas last year.

When I am in New Zealand dad comes to visit wherever I am staying. Of course he always brings stuff for the kids, food from the bakery or lemons from his tree, a few feijoas, the newspaper ... all stuffed into a plastic supermarket bag. I thought it was high time he had a nice strong bag to tote his things around. These days of course it's hip and cool as well as environmentally conscious to take your own bag to the supermarket so Dad has all his bases covered!

The other thing about Dad is that he is Mee a Bee's biggest fan and PR machine. He will tell anyone and everyone about his wonderful daughter and her great bag empire. Yep, like father like daughter! I thought he needed bag for his "product demos".

There is just one of these bags left. Will it be yours? Father's Day is in a couple of weeks. Mee a Bee has all the cool stuff for boys big and little.


  1. Cool! I thought I recognized the photo! I saw your bag on the front page. Wahoo!

  2. Actually, I found it on a DIFFERENT treasury! Same bag, but other items are different from the one you posted here! Twice in one day..?!

  3. Congrats for making the front page!
    I was featured in two treasury the other day but could not work out out to save it to show...:(Must learn that bit! What is Feijoas???Never heard?


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