Girl's Toy Organizer Bag - Matryoshka love Coconut Ice

And there you have it, one bag is complete. It's a large organizer bag for girls. Isn't it splendid?

The fabric is lovely thick linen cotton canvas, heavyweight and strong. You might recognize the matryoshka from my Russian Nesting Doll Nesting Bag series. This time I've chosen the pink matryoshka rather than the teal ones which I liked for winter. The polka dot is the same as I used for the penguin bags. Discovered last night in coconut ice pink, yum! Organizer bags for boys are in my store.

Visit: Mee a for more cute bags for children.

This particular bag's seams are triple reinforced to stand up to vigorous stuffing and it has a nice big flat bottom which expands. It would look great in a nursery for laundry or for keeping extra blankets that are not in use. Little girls can use it as an overnight bag or pajama bag. Drawstring bags are useful for gathering toys into. We have a huge one that holds our skittle set.

Sewing Tip: when you are making drawstring bags resist the temptation to make the cords too long. Thread the cord to the exact width of your bag (when it's open flat) and add just a little extra for the knot. That way when the bag is cinched closed the dangling strings are not too long - both annoying and perhaps dangerous for small children.
I rarely use fray-stop on my drawcords since it is a possibly toxic glue that I prefer to avoid. My drawcords fray back to the knot and I like that. Trim them close so you don't have too many loose ends.

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