Got a couple of hours to waste on the Internet?

It's raining today, well that's my excuse anyway. I've spent the past hour or maybe two "checking my email" which really means clicking links to cool new blogs and websites, thinking about lovely things to make or buy. You can follow my trail if you like. - I'm looking for something vintage for Little Guy's room. I've had this page open for three days since I cannot decide. Obviously I want something really cheap. If you sign up they send you coupons.

Project Nursery - a huge source of decorating inspiration. One thing I am certain of is that I do not like the formulaic styling of modern bedrooms with all new things placed perfectly, all color coordinated. I am going for the haphazard real room look. In the 'Real Rooms' category I happened upon this gorgeous room. It's my friend Dee's room (created for her son). Dee has a beautiful website called Sprout Style and just a couple of days ago she let me know that Mee a Bee is slated for feature in a couple of weeks! I was blown away by the coincidence. Small world.

I like to follow links, I think Project Nursery led me to this lovely blog, an interior decorator with a huge floral fabric and patterned wallpaper obsession - I like it! Little Green Notebook.

From there I was led to the Michael Miller website and blog. The blog is a great insight into the company. They're just normal fun-loving people! And they're friends with some great people like Heather Bailey and Laura Gunn. Michael Miller sent me back to Japan and the Lecien website. I've actually never noticed before that they have an online shop.

Here's a screenshot from the page. See that row of colored squares - that's the 'shop-by-color' links. Below that 'shop-by-pattern' - in order from left to right: florals, checks, stripes, polka dots, plain (?), characters, Hawaiian, more plain (?) and cute things. From the next row you can shop by fabric: linen, waffle-weave, gauze, laminate or cotton.

So that's a couple of hours down the drain! But we are on holiday! Kids are here playing happily with their Lego. I am off to have a shower and get ready to face the day.

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