High points in the middle of the day

Just when I thought the day couldn't get any worse it did. So bad I don't even want to relive it. We're all alive and well so I'm thankful for that but I do not want another day like this ever.


There were some high points in the day: this afternoon I attended a fabulous virtual party for a few minutes on Twitter. Some friends of mine have launched a new business. A gang of us got together to chat, congratulate and show our support via Twitter. I met some really nice people and it was really quite exciting and fun!

These are some of those nice people who happen to run great businesses:

StickyTiki for wall decals with a New Zealand flavor - wish these had been around with Biggie was a baby!

Moment by Moment - beautiful people who provide information, support and things for preemie babies. So great to have access to everything in one place when parents are faced with this crisis.

Agoo Australia - a favorite of mine since it's all about BOYs - active clothes for active kids, including UV protection swimwear.

Beyond Pink and Blue for colorful kids gear and loads of cute stuff.

Olli and Lime - modern nursery, so so cool, in love with every page of this website.

Moobear designs - designed by kids made by adults not the other way around! a philosophy we can all agree with.

Qtees - clothes for litte kids and a really cute website.

Kid Focus - a really cool information site with a really cool shop selling all manner of educational toys!


Another high point today was meeting Biggie's new teacher. She visited our home this afternoon (a requirement for teachers in Japan at the start of the year). According to her Biggie is doing really well at school. I think he will thrive with this teacher, she really seems to be interested each kid. She loved Biggie's room which is pretty cool, all decorated with a space theme and floor to ceiling book shelves.

So it's 11.30pm or so. All I can say at this point is TG Friday is over!