I can't believe I WON!

I'm so excited, I won a contest!! A Mother's Day contest! Yaye! It's a gift from the gorgeous Enchanted Closet valued at $150.00. Isn't that awesome?

This is what I wrote in response to the question:

What do you LOVE the most about being a mum?

"Wow! gorgeous, gorgeous, yummy yummy. I have to be honest some days I hate being a mum especially when my kids wake me up to early like they did today. But most of the time I love being a mum.

The thing I LOVE most is when my kids show small acts of kindness, like giving each other hugs, sharing the last piece of cake, patting my ouchies and offering me plasters - I know they have learnt all this from me and that makes my heart sing.

If I win I'll gift this to my mum, she's the best! and made me what I am"

Thanks so much Skout and Enchanted Closet.


  1. Congrats Jacqui! YAY! Happy mum's day!

  2. Reading your entry brought tears to my eyes. We are trying to conceive a child of our own, and those words give me something to aspire too.

    Trina D
    Coffee, Cake and Create

  3. Congrats and what a great answer. I think I need to look out more for those little special moments.

  4. lucky ducky - congratulations.

  5. Woo hoo! Congratulations and great entry.No wonder it won.

  6. yes it was random picked! thanks!


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