The Kiddies

My kids on this fine Mother's Day.

On the left is Biggie (7) wearing the new shorts I made for him last night.

On the right is Little Guy (2) eating, really eating his own little hamburger with shredded cabbage in it. He's not a big vegetable eater. He made it himself. Two patties sandwiched together.


The shorts are not hemmed yet but I wanted Biggie to try them on before I do that. He's been away for the weekend and has just arrived home. The fabric is from the wonderful, Craftjuice. Thank you!! It came late yesterday afternoon. I started cutting them out at 9 while American Idol was on. I got them all finished at about 2am. I had several interruptions from my sleepless Little One last night. The pattern is one I drafted from a book from Spotlight.


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  2. Love the shorts! Also, can you get your Little Guy to teach my 6th grader how to eat like that?

  3. Happy mothers day to you too, how cute are your kids!

  4. He he! They look AWESOME!!! Looks like a fantastic pattern too! Biggie looks very pleased with them. How handsome is your little men!?


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