Little Guy's Hands

Little Guy will be pleased or maybe he won't care that his hands will help sell the new Toddler Boys' wallets I've listed on Mee a Bee. The bags and wallets are sold separately but it is a gorgeous set.

I think Toddler Messenger Bags are more popular than backpacks now. They are so much easier for little kids to put on by themselves. Little Guy is exactly two months shy of his third birthday. He can put on a backpack sometimes but is more likely to get his arm stuck through the top handle or fall over trying to twist into the straps. Help mummy help!

I am working very hard (see it's almost midnight) to even out the numbers in my shop.

Mee a Bee

For girls (17)
For boys (7)

There is so much to see at Mee a Bee - kid's messenger bags, book bags and tote bags.

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