Little Hands

I made this little wallet yesterday afternoon. I passed it to Little Guy to see what his reaction would be. Straight away he opened it up, fished around in his pocket for some coins and put them in. He loves money. I think he had raided his brother's money box since he had real money in his pocket.

This coin wallet was the prototype. You can see it's not pressed. The velcro was too short as well so Little Guy will keep this one.

I've made a few for my shop and the rest for Mathilda's Market. They are yummy red felt inside and cotton linen on the outside. Made for little boys, they close with Velcro. Both the Velcro and the thick felt killed my sewing machine. I pushed on to finish these all in one go last night so I can change the needle today. I wanted to get it all done by midnight. I got there by 12.15am, not bad!

Little hands on Flickr

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  1. Like the little car fabric, good work!

  2. cant wait to see the little girl ones

  3. The wallet is so cute Jacqui! they will go like hotcakes at the market!


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