Most Disorganised Mum Award ...

So here's me at 1am this morning after a five day holiday frantically ironing Biggie's school stuff. Half of it was missing, my stomach jumped into my throat when I thought it must still be in the laundry basket waiting for a white load to go through ... Thank goodness it was just folded up with some other stuff (clean).

6.30am: struggle out of bed to watch the kids finish their breakfast and make sure the little one doesn't try to chase his dad's car down the driveway (or worse).

8.00am: still trying to wake up but have Chatty Cafe at 10. Scones are what I've planned. Suddenly in my haze I think they look all wonky so I quickly start making pikelets. Then the taste test and they're too salty, hurry and whip up another batch. What should have taken no more than twenty minutes ends up taking an hour. And one person has canceled so I have one batch of scones and two batches of pikelets to offer three people!

It's 9.00am and my vacuum cleaner is blocked. I'm still in my pajamas and where's Little Guy? In Biggie's room deleting photos off Biggie's camera. Grrrr.

9.35am we're dressed and in the car but my face is all white with way too much makeup on and red ringed tired eyes. I hear my mum lecturing me about not getting enough sleep ;)

Moral of the story? Don't put things off. Scone anyone?

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  1. you made a batch of scones and two batches of pikelets in an hour???!!!
    holy cow... that's amazing...
    it would take me the hour to work out if i had enough time, then realize i didn't, and have to buy something from the supermarket on route.


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