My cooperative kids and the photo shoot

Little Guy was tired out from our visitor this morning and his wakeful nights this past week. He slept like there was no tomorrow this afternoon giving me time to make this bag.

More of the penguin ABC, I love it so much.

This bag has turned out really cute although not quite how I was planning to make it. I started cutting it out last night at about 11.30pm, I guess I was tired. The blue border was supposed to be a bit wider, still I like how it looks. It's a great combo since the penguins are blue.

This is a basic drawstring bag which cinches closed to become a backpack. Biggie kindly agreed to try it on and even Little Guy agreed to hold it for a photo. (He still hates trying the bags on).

This bag is a good size for four to seven year old children. It's easy to open and close. Of course younger children need a little bit of help putting backpacks on but once on it's very comfortable.

And as you can see it makes a nice shoulder bag for thirty seven year old mums as well. Little Guy insisted I try it on too for a photo (that he took). I edited out my giant flabby tummy and the mess of our living room.

I'll be making a few more of these bags for my shop and for Mathilda's Market.

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